Ubuntu – Virtual box guest addition breaks after kernel upgrade


I have an Ubuntu box installed over VirtualBox with Windows 7 as host. I installed guest additions in it and was working perfectly as expected.

Suddenly, one day VirtualBox complained that guest additions are not installed (possibly after an upgrade). I had to reinstall guest additions all the way again.

Is this because of kernel upgrades from Ubuntu? A new kernel needs a reinstall of guest addition?

Best Answer

  • No, generally it doesn't require. dkms takes care of the upgradation.

    Please have a look here - How do I keep guest additions working in virtual box after updates?

    However, some users report even after dkms installation the problem remains.If it is happening with you, I would like to point to the below answer.

    First uninstall using sudo /opt/[VboxAddonsFolder]/uninstall.sh Then follow https://askubuntu.com/a/99479/35775

    You can also read other answers in the question - How do I install Guest Additions in a VirtualBox VM?