Ubuntu – ./waf configure returns ‘checking for alsa: not found.’


I am trying to install Ardour on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and have made sure I had alsa-utils installed and have reinstalled it countless times but no matter how much I do it using ./waf configure in the Ardour directory always returns 'checking for alsa: not found." Then ./waf configure stops operating and I am forced to find other alsa packages that I may be missing. As far as I know I do have alsa installed but why isn't ./waf configure detecting it?

Here is the tutorial I am using: http://ardour.org/building_linux.html
and I am about here:

Now, the build

./waf configure


Best Answer

The alsa-utils package contains tools like aplay and alsamixer.

The ALSA library is provided by the package libasound2. However, no ordinary user would actually try to compile something, so the files needed for development were moved into the separate libasound2-dev package.

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