Ubuntu – What are the pros and cons of installing and running Ubuntu from a microSD card?

dual-bootmicro-sdsd card

I have a laptop with a spare microSD card. I am planning to install Ubuntu 16.04 on that card and use it alongside Windows. What are the pros and cons of running Ubuntu from a SD card? I don't think there are any pros apart from not having to disturb the Windows partitions. I assume lower read and write speed is one drawback. How slow would it be in layman terms? And what are the other drawbacks.

Any recommendations on the card will also be appreciated.

Best Answer

I think the limit is the card reader and not the card.

But how about you install a persistent system an that card. This way it's like a live system and more parts are loaded into memory. The boot takes longer but should be faster in use.

Writing to the card won't be very fast. But I think that's an option to try.

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