Ubuntu – What does Ctrl + Alt + F11 do and why can’t I log into the account with Unity any more?


I was just happily typing away, trying out some Android development on my Ubuntu machine. I pressed Ctrl + Alt + F11 instead of Ctrl + F11 to run the program in Eclipse.

This made the screen go blank with a white flashing cursor and it stayed like that for a while, so I pressed Ctrl + Alt + F4 to get to a terminal I could use and remembered seeing somewhere startx to start the GUI again, so I tried that and had something I have also been trying commands like unity, unity start and unity restart, but they all seem to run, but I never get my GUI back.

The fact that it only happened to my user account is strange. If I use guest I can access the GUI, but if I try and log in to my account the screen goes black for a few seconds and then sends be back to the log in screen.

I have tried installing the Xubuntu desktop over the top of it, but it does the same thing with that desktop as well.

My knowledge of Linux is starting to get stretched at this point now.

What may have happened and how do I put it right? Maybe it's a user setting or something I could change?

Also could anyone tell me what Ctrl + Alt and F11 does?

I'm using the latest version of Ubuntu and ran the latest updates today as well.

When running startx, I get an error saying:

Fatal Server error@ server is already active for display 0 if this server is no longer running, remove /temp/.x0-lock and start again

Another thing I have tried is using Ctrl + Alt + F7 to bring back the GUI, but that doesn't seem to help either. It always sends me back to the log in screen (which is the GUI log in screen).

Best Answer

Ctrl+Alt+F7 or Ctrl+Alt+F8 should find your GUI again.

The Ctrl+Alt+F# buttons bring up "TTYs" which are just terminal interfaces you can use without running gnome-terminal or another terminal program.