Ubuntu – What GUI file managers show most details during file transfer


When transferring many or very large files it is annoying to just wait with very little information. I find it comforting to be able to see what is going on, even if I have to wait. That's why I would like to have something similar to what I see in Windows 10, namely:

  1. a progress bar
  2. size of file copied
  3. speed of transfer
  4. estimated time left
  5. percentage of progress
  6. a speed variation graph

enter image description here

I know that Dolphin has more details than others, but now I don't use KDE for the moment.

Note about the Windows 10 file manager: I have taken that as a benchmark in order to illustrate what would be the expected parameters. In fact Windows Explorer doesn't show all those parameters in all cases, e.g. while copying from an Android phone to the computer: it only shows progress and ETA. (I haven't noticed that kind of limitation in Linux.) Also, the size of file(s) copied vs total size (parameter no 2) is more limited in Windows than in Linux.

Best Answer

Notifications in KDE show all of this information when transferring files with Dolphin.

enter image description here

The same notifications also show this information in other contexts, like when you are downloading files from Firefox.

If you install a whole bunch of different file managers on your existing system, you might break things in a way that could be difficult to reverse.

Instead of that, why don't you try out some of the official flavors of Ubuntu to determine which flavor has the best features for you?

You can "Try Ubuntu" from bootable installation media without having to affect your installed system.