Ubuntu – What has been your experience with paid support from Canonical?


I am considering buying "Ubuntu Desktop Support" from Canonical for 2 reasons:

  1. I have a couple of issues that I would like professional help with. (Specifically a recurring kernel panic, and a slow wireless connection.)
  2. I would like to lend a helping hand toward supporting Ubuntu financially.

However, I am a bit worried that once I transfer the money, they will end up just referring me to the bug tracker on Launchpad.

Also, free support options like this site have the pleasant property that they are open to the internet, meaning that if my issue gets fixed, it is more likely to help others with the same problem.

What does paying for support from Canonical actually get you?

Best Answer

  • When I was an inexperienced ubuntuuser I chose to buy support from Canonical. I run Ubuntu on my business pc too, so I had to be absolutely sure that I would never be alone with a problem, and with Canonical I wasn't. They turned out to be very persistent, and wouldn't leave me alone till the problem was solved :o)

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