Ubuntu – What music players (or related applications) are there that would allow displaying/editing embedded lyrics of music tracks

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I use OSD Lyrics and CoverGloobus. They are good, they search and eventually download lyrics, when they can find them. The sources used by OSD Lyrics, for example, are rather limited (although I love the way it displays them. The latter accesses a reacher database, but the display is not adjustable as far as I know). Couldn't find a way to make these programs see lyrics from a file selected by me.

What I want is to be able to add the lyrics myself, and even to embed them into the music file – and, of course, to display them from there. The last feature alone would be very valuable to me, as I have a large music database with lyrics already embedded, but I cannot see them with these programs: they are just looking for new lyrics on the Internet, although the lyrics are on my computer.

In Windows I used Foobar2000 to find, display and embed lyrics (with the add-on lyricsgrabber) and when I needed to add the lyrics manually I used to embed them in MediaMonkey (this player allows finding them, but also editing and embedding – just by copy/paste). I am not able to run MediaMonkey in Wine. Foobar works, but with a lot of problems. And anyway, Wine is of last resort.

I am looking for a Linux program that would be able to do something similar to what I have described above.

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  • I use aTunes, which is a java-based Music Player, that also fetches lyrics from an internet-database for most of my music. It is highly customize-able, meaning, that you can change the column view(s) to your liking, add different lyric sources, add/play radio stations etc..

    aTunes aTunes

    The lyrics are stored here: ~/.atunes/aTunes.log.
    However, it is even easier to add new lyrics and edit older once (i forgot to mention it in the first place).

    • Right click on your track of choice and choose either Edit Tag or Set Lyrics automatically from the pop-up dialog.
    • In your case it would be Edit Tag, which opens another dialog, where you can copy/paste your lyrics to, which are then shown like suggested in the next screenshot (under Song)


    You also request quick access to specific tracks, which can be archived through the Filter search-filed or by changing the view option of the column. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are a few great features, like:

    • Song
    • Album
    • Artist
    • YouTube
    • Similar
    • and another one, which you can look up yourself (:

    aTunes<code>enter code here</code>

    Interface GUI:

    enter image description here

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