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What network mapping tools are available?

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Found the same question at linuxquestions.org. So maybe that could help.

Excerpts from the link:

Question: Does anyone know of any network mapping tools for Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) similar to The Dude?


1. There are several things that might do what you want (I have no knowledge of 'The Dude' apart from the link that you posted, so I've assumed anything that does network mapping might be what you want and posted a few from the first few pages on sourceforge):

  • Nagios/Nagvis

  • Mila_Ajax_Map

  • Safe Mapping and Reporting Tool (SMART)

  • Network Scaner

  • NMap Console

  • Oggle Network Mapping and Display Tool

  • Prime

  • CartoReso

  • OpenMapper

  • OSPF network visualizer

  • netfuse

  • Ajax Network Map

  • Network Administration Visualized

  • Advanced Network Topology and Inventory (?) ...

If, however, you want an easy life, you should probably check out the packages that your distro offers. Depending on the repos that you have enabled, you should get a list something like this:

  • lanmap

  • netdude

  • netmrg (?)

  • zabbix (?)

Looking at the names, netdude seems an attractive prospect, as the possibility is strong that one of these dudes was inspired by the other, in some way.

2. Lanmap is similar to The Dude; it creates a graphical layout of your network.

Also after a little bit of Googling found that lanmap has been abandoned but there is a lanmap2.