Ubuntu – What permission do I need to add an HP printer with hp-setup


I try to install my printer using the following command:


As you might expect my printer has the IP It is a HP Color LaserJet 2700n.

Everything works well until the very last step when I have chosen the PPD file and clicked Add Printer. I then get prompted with a box where I can write Username and Password, and the text:

You do not have permission to add a printer

I've tried entering credentials to all accounts I can think of that exists in our office, but it does not seem to work.

If I press cancel when prompted, I get this text in the console:

Printer queue setup failed. Could not connect to CUPS Server. Is user added to "lpadmin" group(s)

What permission is it that I need?

Best Answer

  • Add your user to the lp user group. Use the following command to accomplish the task:

    # gpasswd -a [user] lp

    Read the ArchWiki article on Users and Groups for more information on how Groups are used for access to certain system hardware.

    Turns out there are multiple bugs on Launchpad regarding this issue. These may help:

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