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I have noticed that many people use images in their Ask Ubuntu answers. What software are people using?

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  • Update:
    As of Aug 2018, Shutter project hasn't had a release or security fix since 2014. Many key libraries are depreciated, it may not exist beyond Ubuntu 18.04. Consider a newer maintained alternative, such as one of the projects listed below. Know of something new and missing? Add it!

    I am using Shutter Download Shutter.

    If you don't find it, you can check the detailed installation instructions which will give you a PPA for it.

    It's a really handy screen capture application with easy to use plug-ins to give a nice touch to your screenshot and as many other to easily share the files.

    It offers in-house image editing and special effects (via plug-ins) to enhance the quality of your screenshot. You can access this options via the menu (1), or the toolbar (2).

    alt text
    The effects here are all done with Shutter (Plug-in Reflexion and Edit auto-increment shape).

    And then to publish them, I just right click in Shutter and choose Export (3). Then I publish it via Ubuntu One. I go to the directory where I published the file, right click on it and select Copy Ubuntu One public URL.

    Finally here when I comment, I click on img in the small tool bar and select From the web and paste the link that was copied in the previous step.

    It's easy and fully integrated.

    For those on 10.04, check that you have all shutter dependencies. As you might miss some of the plug-ins. For user on Ubuntu 10.10, this should be fixed.