Ubuntu – What software can join videos


What's the best & easiest GUI software that can join a video that I have downloaded in several parts?

Best Answer

mkvtoolnix-gui Install mkvtoolnix-gui


  • there is no re-encoding involved, so the merging process takes only a
    couple of seconds
  • it can merge other video formats, like avi, mp4, but the output is always mkv
  • it can't merge videos with different apect ratios

For more info see the documentation here

alt text

Quick how-to:

Click "add", select the first video, then click "append", then select the other videos to append. You can select multiple videos as long as you select them in order or you can append one by one. Then click "Start muxing". You might want to change the output filename. The other options are not really necessary for basic merging. Nevertheless, you can also add multiples subtitles in various formats or languages and also multiple audio tracks.