Ubuntu – What’s the best way to handle passwords in Ubuntu (Application + Browser PlugIn)


I'm switching from Mac OS X to Ubuntu. On OS X, i have 1Password as my Password Application. It comes along with Browser PlugIns to easily fill passwords to web forms.

On Linux, i've tested KeePass X and KeePass 2.

KeePass X: Is there a Browser PlugIn? I'm searching for hours, but nothing realy works.

KeePass 2: The Browser PlugIn for Firefox doesn't work (only for me?)

Are there any other ways to handle passwords on Ubuntu with ease?

EDIT: It would be nice to have an open source application to store my passwords, which also has a PlugIn for Browsers. I want to avoid the system password manager or firefox password manager

Best Answer

  • This recipe should do the trick. It provides an open-source alternative to LastPass.

    1. Install KeePass2 (sudo apt-get install keepass2).
    2. If you have a KeePassX database (blah.kdb), convert it with the method over at http://www.maketecheasier.com/install-keepass2-on-ubuntu-natty/ as KeePass2 won't be able to open this DB natively.
    3. Install KeePassHttp using the method over at http://www.maketecheasier.com/integrate-keepass-with-browser-in-ubuntu/ to provide the integration between the desktop application and your browser.
    4. Install ChromelPass for Chromium / Google Chrome or PasslFox for FireFox / IceWeasel.