Ubuntu – When using && and sudo on the first command, is the second command run as sudo too


If I run a command.

sudo some-command && some-other-command

Is the second command being run with sudo previlege also?

Best Answer

  • TL;DR: NO

    The first command is

    sudo some-command

    The second command is


    The command sudo takes the following command and executes it with elevated privileges. The &&, however, doesn't belong to a command and is interpreted by the shell, before executing the first command. It tells bash to first execute the first command, and on success the second one.

    So the sudo doesn't know about the && some-other command. When the elevated process terminates, bash takes its return value, and then executes the other command, which again doesn't know of the first one.

    This can be demonstrated easily:

    $ sudo whoami && whoami

    To reach what you want, you can start an elevated bash, and let it execute both commands:

    $ sudo bash -c 'whoami && whoami'

    So now, both commands are executed as root, as the whole process described above is executed in an elevated process, i.e. the bash session started with this command, which immediately exits after finishing. Still, the both whoamis don't know of each others existence.

    This does not suit any purpose but for this demonstration, the easier way is to simply do

    sudo some-command && sudo some-other-command
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