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I remember there were announcements, that Ubuntu Software Center should get a rating and review system. Don't know if these announcement were official, but I remember it was stated it could start before Christmas. What's the recent status of these new features?

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Ratings and reviews have now landed in the current development release of 11.04.

Keep in mind that, normally, no major updates are performed within one release. In almost every case, updates are "Stable Release Updates" (SRUs). But see the second part for what will hopefully be an exception in February. :)

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Software-Center's Launchpad Project page also has instructions on how to try the latest development version, if you want to check out what's currently going on:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:software-store-developers/daily-build
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

This is experimental, unreleased software. If you do decide to try it out, and you encounter a problem, Report a Bug - after making sure it hasn't been reported already.

The ubuntu software centre in Maverick will get ratings and reviews in February 2011, according to it's page in the Ubuntu Wiki

We plan to release Ubuntu Software Center 3.2 for Ubuntu 10.10, with one new feature:

  • Rating and reviewing software, and seeing ratings and reviews submitted by other Ubuntu users.

Many thanks to @NES for keeping us up to date on it!

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