Ubuntu – Where do I look for the reason for the removal of a package from the Ubuntu repositories


I have seen that when a new Ubuntu version is released, sometimes a particular application that I had used till the previous Ubuntu versions would have been removed from the Ubuntu repositories for the latest release.
Who can makes such decisions( a particular Launchpad team/individual,etc..), and which mailing-list(or other resource) should I look to find the exact reason for removal of the package from the latest Ubuntu release.

e.g: Kompozer has been removed from the repository for Quantal

Best Answer

Most packages that are removed from Universe inherit that state from Debian. In order to find out the status of a package you can use the Debian Package Tracking System (PTS) to look it up:

Has the answer:

------------------- Reason -------------------
ROM; dead upstream

This means the author(s) of the program have abandoned it.