Ubuntu – Where does NetworkManager store WiFi passwords on Ubuntu 15.10


I had previously learned that NetworkManager stores WiFi passwords in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/<wifi name> file. But in my case on Ubuntu 15.10 I can't find any password in that file.

I tried this:

sudo cat /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/cig | grep psk
[sudo] password for edward: 

here does NetworkManager store WiFi passwords?

Best Answer

If you choose to only enable your user to use that wifi network, then the wifi password is stored in the gnome keyring of your current user.

If you let every one use that wifi connection, the password is stored in the file you mentionned.

You can also manually change where that password is stored in network manager settings for that wifi network, security tab, click the hdd+green arrow icon in password field and make your choice.

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