Ubuntu – Where is the problem?Workspace switching during bricscad drafting with zooming with mouse wheel!


Well, i am currently working with bricscad v12 for my 2D drawings, BUT i have a very annoying issue. When i am zooming too much in brics and working with an active command the workspace is changing. So, how can i figure out where exactly is the problem?

I tried to find something in google but no one mentions something about it!So, please help!


Best Answer

  • Are you pressing any combination of Ctrl+Alt+Arrow or Super(Windows key)+Arrow while working, even if by accident? Or does this program synthesize those combinations of events by any chance?

    You can change the keybindings use for switching workspaces, under System Settings->Keyboard, or just stop pressing those keys. If the program is synthesizing the events somehow, you will probably need to change the keybindings as a workaround, and you should report a problem against that program, in it's issue tracking system.

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