Ubuntu – Which has better compatability, NVIDIA or Intel Graphics

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I would like to buy a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 and install Ubuntu. Thinkpad T420 comes with an option of choosing between NVIDIA NVS 4200M Graphics with Optimus Technology, 1GB DDR3 Memory and Intel HD Graphics 3000.

Which one has better compatibility with Ubuntu?

Best Answer

  • Note that while both NVidia and Intel graphics are well supported in Ubuntu, Nvidia Optimus is a complelely different beast - it's a technology to seamlessly switch from an energy-efficient Intel chip to the powerful NVidia chip when an application requires some extra performance.

    My understanding is that the current state of support of this feature in Linux is not complelely free of trickery. See Project Bumblebee for more details and be ready to get your hands dirty :)