Ubuntu – Which Version of Netbeans is more appropriate with JDK 10.0.1


I've Ubuntu 18.04 installed and I've installed JDK-10.0.1 as well. Previously I installed Netbeans-8.2 and it didn't work. After some research I realize that Netbeans-8.2 is not compatible with JDK-10.0.1.
I want to use Netbeans for JAVA development.
Which version of Netbeans will be compatible with JDK-10.0.1? And where to get?

Best Answer

  • JDK 8 is required for installing and running both NetBeans IDE 8.2 and Apache NetBeans 9.0.

    The Eclipse snap package from the default Ubuntu repositories is perfect for Java programming because it is bundled with a Java development environment. To install it open the terminal and type:

    sudo snap install eclipse --classic 

    This command will install the latest Photon Release 4.8 version of Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Eclipse Photon JDT supports Java 10. Eclipse changed its codename policy so that Eclipse releases from September 2018 and onward are named after the year and month of the release date, for example Eclipse 2020-06. This naming scheme also applies to the eclipse snap package.

    enter image description here
    Select Java version from Installed JREs in Eclipse -> Window -> Preferences

    To go through the built-in tutorials in Eclipse Photon select Help -> Welcome -> Tutorials.

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