Ubuntu – Which version of Ubuntu Make should I use – from APT or from Snap

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Following the last question "how to install netbeans from umake?" I have the simply question:

which version of Ubuntu Make should I use – from APT or from Snap?

Note for close-voters: we have illustrations that Snap version of Ubuntu Make is broken, so it is not opinion-based and is on-topic.

Best Answer

  • As it was noted by @Thufir in the comment below the answer to the aforementioned question - Official Ubuntu Make Wiki page says that Snap package is not working in 17.10:

    Installing Ubuntu Make

    You can install the snap package (not working at the moment on 17.10)

    $ snap install ubuntu-make

    Moreover as we have already discovered - it does not work in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS too.
    I reported issue 554 to the GitHub ubuntu/ubuntu-make bug-tracker about this problem.

    So one should remove Snap version of Ubuntu Make with

    sudo snap remove ubuntu-make

    and then install version from repository

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-make

    and afterwards install the application with umake command.