Ubuntu – Why does Ubuntu use Firefox by default if it has its own web browser


I was changing my default browser from Firefox to Chrome when I saw an unknown option called "Browser", so I opened it and saw it was called "Ubuntu Web Browser".

Ubuntu Web Browser screenshot

So why use Firefox and not the one Canonical built?

Best Answer

Web Browser was originally designed for use with Ubuntu Touch and was specially designed to be used with touch screen devices. Canonical has plans to end its investment in Ubuntu Touch in 2017, but the Web Browser app (webbrowser-app) is installed by default in Ubuntu 14.04-17.04.

Web Browser has very limited functionality compared to Firefox. It does not have a built-in master password feature and does not play YouTube videos properly. At least Web Browser can save bookmarks by clicking the star in the URL field on the right side, and Web Browser can also access Bookmarks, History, Private Mode and Settings by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon in the upper right corner as shown in the below screenshot. The only thing I could think of to use Web Browser for is for websites that require disabling adblocking, but Web Browser can't be used for that either because it doesn't even support solving Captcha riddles.

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