Ubuntu – Why “google-chrome” does not run chrome

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I try to open Google Chrome by running this command, but the result is strange:

$ google-chrome
Please launch slimjet via the wrapper script: flashpeak-slimjet

Why above command does not open Google Chrome and also what is the meaning of above result?


Here is the result of which command:

$ which google-chrome

Also, /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome and google-chrome-stable both open Google Chrome. But again, my questions are why google-chrome does not?and why flashpeak-slimjet is proposed?

Best Answer

The command to start Google Chrome is /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable, or just google-chrome-stable if /usr/bin is in the PATH as it should. In general, to see what is the command to run a graphical application, use Nautilus to navigate to /usr/share/applications and examine the properties of the launcher, or, in a terminal, look for the line Exec= in the .desktop file.