Ubuntu – Why is Google Chrome ignoring the proxy settings


I just installed Ubuntu 11.10 in my laptop.The network I am connected to uses a proxy server. I adjusted the proxy settings in System Settings->Network->Network Proxy.

I applied them system wide, but in Google Chrome it is not working. I am unable to browse although I can access the Internet through Mozilla Firefox where I set up the proxy manually.

Can any one tell me what the problem is? How I can correct it?

Best Answer

Download `dconf-tools :

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

run it from terminal:


Then go to "systerm>proxy" change "mode" to manual and select "use-same-proxy" now goto "system>proxy>http" give your proxy information there and select "enable" option

make sure ftp, https and socks have "0" (zero) on "port" and nothing on "Host" field

Everything should work fine now.