Ubuntu – Why “maybe-ubiquity” on default kernel command line


On Ubuntu Server 18.04.03 LTS, fresh install, I wanted to do edit some kernel command line settings. In /etc/default/grub, I found the following set:


I'm a Linux power user, but never really tried Ubuntu. So quick Google tells me that Ubiquity is the Ubuntu installer. Why would a production server want to run the installer maybe?

Can I delete this entry? This is for a client's in-house server and I don't want to give anybody options to enter into an installer (accidentally). Furthermore, I have my own ways of getting into crippled systems. No need for an installer to help me.

Best Answer

AFAIK this param resides in the DEFAULT commandline after one has installed the system from a LiveCD/DVD image.

Ubiquity is an installer system Ubuntu uses on the live systems, there seems to be a bug that keeps this param also in the default commandline after installation.

I think it's safe to remove from GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT.