Ubuntu – Wifi adapter freezes Ubuntu 16.04


I recently ran updates using the software updater. After restating my computer, whenever I plug my WiFi adapter into a USB port the entire screen freezes. (It does not freeze when I plug it in with networking disabled.) Is there any way that I can fix this?

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  • I experienced this sort of problems after the updates installed a new version of the kernel (so, not any update). This sometimes confuses the handling of interfaces.

    If that's actually the case, my solution has been to let the computer to boot from the previous kernel version until a newer working release is distributed.

    To this end I edit the boot menu using the program grub-customizer. To install it (and you obviously need an Ethernet connection if the wi-fi receiver is malfunctioning), follow these instructions:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

    The program is a GUI for handling the settings of the boot loader. There, you can visualize the list of kernels still available in your systems from the tab 'List configuration'

    Grub Customizer List configuration

    With the other tab 'General settings' I can change the kernel loaded at boot time. In the snapshot below I am set to select 4.4.0-62 generic from the 'default entry: predefined` area. That version is the last but one in the list shown above.

    Grub Customizer General settings

    Then you save your selection. After the next reboot, the system will start from the earlier kernel as per your selection. If your problem has disappeared, you have framed the culprit. If not, this avenue has not been successful, alas, and the problem resides elsewhere --- you can then revert your boot-loading selection.

    Incidentally, you can also see which kernel version is currently running from the command line with uname -r.

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