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I have dual booted my Windows 8 laptop with Ubuntu 14.04. The wifi driver is Realtek rtl8723be. It didn't use to work but I updated the kernel to 3.18 and reinstalled the driver and that seemed to solve the problem for a few hours. Then it would be connected for around 30 minutes and then the connection would stop, even though the icon on the system tray would still indicate it's connected. The only thing that works is restarting the computer but then, again, after 30 minutes the connection stops.

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  • I was having these problem with rtl8723be on linux mint 17, and mint17.1. The same procedure should work on ubuntu 14.04 and derivates.

    I had to install new module for realtek wifi cards where they solved the constant disconnects:

    • install required packages

      sudo apt-get install build-essential git
    • git clone new realtek wifi modules

      git clone https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new/
    • enter the directory

      cd rtlwifi_new
    • build it

    • install

      sudo make install

    Now you can reboot or unload/load modules

    • unload modules

      sudo modprobe -r rtl8723be
    • load new module

      sudo modprobe rtl8723be
    • if it still doesn't work, try the solution from this post

      echo "options rtl8723be fwlps=0" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf

    Note: After each kernel update, you need to rebuild the modules. That is,

    After every kernel update:

    cd rtlwifi_new

    Clean previous builds

    make clean

    Update git repository

    git pull


    make clean && make


    sudo make install

    reboot or unload/load modules

    EDIT: It seems as of kernel 4.17 kernel APIs have changed: Note: If your kernel is 4.17 or newer, AND your card is not an RTL8723DE, then you should NOT be using the external driver. The built-in one is the same. source: https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new/

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