Ubuntu – Window controls missing; Cannot maximise or minimize applications


Ubuntu 12.10 32 bits, fresh installation.

How can I make Unity maximize or minimize a window?

I see no button,option, anything, do I miss something big? Quick googling did not give me a piece of answer, too:

First screenshot

Second screenshot

On first screen, I have a terminal window. Only clue about maximizing it I found was pressing F11 which made it fullscreen, hiding left bar as well. I would prefer it to take whole free space instead of whole screen. How can I do that?

On second screen, I have an opera browser which takes bigger part of the screen but I can't make it take whole screen. Restarting opera did not work.

How do I minimize/maximize apps? Also, in case I would like to see the desktop, only solution I found was closing everything

Help guys. I kind of like new GUI, but I can't have simplest tasks done there, I feel like I miss something big there.

Best Answer

  • Seems like you have a problem with the window manager.

    Did you change any of the settings of Compiz? used compizconfig?

    First, try the following command from the terminal (ctrl+alt+t): metacity --replace &. Do you now have a bar at the top of the windows?

    The next thing is to try to load compiz window manager again (3D windows manager): compiz --replace &.

    If after the second command you don't have a bar again, i suggest you to reset compiz settings. you can try unity --reset