Ubuntu – Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) dual booting issues


I have a HP envy 15-j048tx laptop with UEFI on which I'm having trouble installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS alongside Windows 10.

I have read this as well as this,but I don't seem to understand from a UEFI settings perspective.

The first picture shows the current UEFI settings. enter image description here

As you can see Ubuntu does not detect Windows 10 and does not even allow me to install it on a different 100 GB partition which I created using the Disk Management utility.

If I choose the option "Something Else" Ubuntu does not "See" the partition that I created on Windows.

So far I have tried disabling secure boot in UEFI and disabling fast start up and shutting it down.
enter image description here

Best Answer

First boot in to Windows 10, and open disk management and check whether the partitions are dynamic. Linux cannot be installed on a dynamic disk. (Screenshot would help)

Then check whether you have a EFI partition (vFat) around 100mb. That means you installed Windows in EFI mode.

If the Windows installtion is EFI, then you should also boot your Ubuntu Live Media in EFI mode, if not the legacy bios mode.

Then continue with the Ubuntu installtion as usual.


Decide whether you want to install in UEFI mode or Bios mode.

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