Ubuntu – Windows 7 cannot start

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I had recent problems installing Ubuntu in my pc, sharing the disk with Windows 7. Mouse and keyboard weren´t recognized during the installation in 64 bit. I partially solved the problem when I found out that they were working in the USB 3.0 ports.
Before this, I got desperated trying alternative ways of installing Ubuntu, which includes installing it with the Wubi utility and finally, from a LiveCD, overwritting this Wubi installation.
Current situation looks like that:
Ubuntu starts perfectly after grub, no problems here.
If I select Windows in grub, it takes me to the Windows boot manager which appeared after using Wubi. It gives me 2 options: Windows and Ubuntu.
When I choose Windows, the Windows loading screen appears for few seconds, flashes a blue screen and reboots.
I'd appreciate any help with this, cause I am "a bit" lost.

EDIT: I've already tried Startup Repair with the Windows installation cd and the commands
bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot in the command prompt with identical results.

Best Answer

  • Some systems are known to have issues with the windows installation if a 64bit ubuntu is installed alongside. Using a 32 bit version produces no problem. You can try the boot-repair iso to fix the dual boot screens.


    Boot repair can fix most of the common problems with grub.