Ubuntu – Wine for games


I seem to remember hearing about a special version of Wine that was optimized for games. What is this Wine called and where can I get it?

Best Answer

  • Here are your options:

    1. Free Wine built into Ubuntu. If this works for the application in question (which it often does) then there's no reason to go to any extra effort.
    2. Wine betas from Wine PPA. Add the Wine PPA (note that in 10.10 Administration->Software Sources is now inside Software Center as Edit->Software Sources). Then install the wine1.3 package and you'll be on your way. Doing this will also get you winetricks, which can help many applications work more quickly -- if you see instructions on AppDB, for instance, they often suggest commands like "winetricks vcrun2005"
    3. Codeweavers Crossover Games. It's paid software, but it has a one month trial. Note that unlike Transgaming's Cedega, Codeweavers actually contributes to the Wine project and bases their product off of the mainstream Wine -- they just include a few specific hacks for their supported applications.
    4. Dual booting, native games, virtual machines, and various other non-answers.