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I just bought a laptop from CyberPower PC company and opted out of spending $39 for them to install windows 8. I just booted Precise Pangolin from a flash drive and installed it on my computer. Everything works fine except for the wireless capabilities. I have looked at several of the posts on the forum and haven't been able to ascertain the solution to my problem. I know that the wireless network card is from Atheros and that's about it. When I tried the iwconfig command and this is what came up and this is what resulted:

$ sudo iwconfig
lo     no wireless extensions
eth0   no wireless extensions

I also tried installing the ath9k driver and the atl1c driver as shown in this post on the boards: Ethernet conection not working Atheros AR8152 OS 12.04

It seems that neither of the drivers have worked and I'm not sure exactly what to do. The above post is old and is using an one of the older versions of the compat…tar.bz2 file than the most current one on the website. I am very new to Ubuntu so I am rather lost at what I should be doing next. I have no idea why the post worked for the other users and not for myself or if I should be attacking this problem from an entirely different perspective.

Also, I'm not sure what model my Atheros card is or how that can be found. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I was given this link on reddit.com. It saved my life and now my wireless is working great. Thanks everyone who chipped in!

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