Ubuntu – Why won’t this script run on startup


This script works perfectly when I launch it manually. How can I get it to run on startup? The function of the script is to get Docky to auto relaunch in the case of a crash.

I created the script like this:

  • gedit ~/process_monitor.sh

Pasted in the following (found it on Ask Ubuntu):


if [[ -z "$1" ]];then
    echo "ERROR: must specify program"
    exit 1

while (( 0 == 0 ));do
    $@ &
    pid=`jobs -l | awk '{print $2}'`
    wait $pid
  • Saved the file.

  • Set the permission:

    chmod a+x ~/process_monitor.sh

Now, when I run it like this, it works perfectly:

~/process_monitor.sh docky

However, when I add the following to startup applications, that does not make the script launch on startup. Well, maybe it does, but the script doesn't work.

/bin/bash ~/process_monitor.sh docky

enter image description here

Basically there's some sort of graphical element that flashes on the screen for half a second, but no other sign of the script to be seen, and Docky does not relaunch if it's killed.

How to make this work? I'm sure it's extremely basic.

I'm on Ubuntu 14.04.

Best Answer

  • Using paths in a .desktop file

    The issue is that Startup Applications creates a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart

    In a .desktop file, you cannot use relative- or variable paths like ~. Use absolute paths instead:

    /bin/bash /absolute/path/to/process_monitor.sh docky
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