Ubuntu – X11 Forwarding over Gnu Screen, is it possible

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I use GNU Screen constantly. But, I've been trying to figure out if there is someway to get X11 apps to forward over screen when I am ssh-ing (Is that a word?). Currently if I try to run 'gedit' through screen, it opens on my 'server' computer and not on my client. If I do the same outside of screen, then everything is fine. But I want everything to be fine when I use screen too!


PS: I have googled the problem and I see mention of xmove, but I can't seem to find the package that contains xmove on my ubuntu. (ubuntu 10.10)

Best Answer

  • To manually do this, once you have SSHed in, but before you reattach to screen, check your DISPLAY environment variable:

    echo $DISPLAY

    Once you have re-attached to screen, explicitly set the environment variable:

    export DISPLAY=:N.0

    where :N.0 is what the echo showed before the attach. This won't be perfect, since some application may be expecting to talk to the Session D-Bus, which is a bit more complex to send over the SSH connection.

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