Ubuntu – XFCE Panel Clock Disappears


Like it says in the title. Fresh XFCE install over Ubuntu. Whenever I try to change the clock format through Right-Click>Panel>Preferences, the clock disappears as soon as I close the window. I have to go back to Panel Preferences and remove and re-add the clock applet to make it come back, and then my format changes never stick.

Is there a fix for this, or possibly a less buggy clock applet for the panel I could be using?

Best Answer

  • I had the same problem and found a workaround.

    Right click the clock panel (or access from panel preferences) and set the configuration you want but do NOT close the properties window. Instead, while leaving it open, logout and log back in. The clock should reappear with the preferences you set. For some reason closing the properties window seems to reset the settings to blank custom fields, which makes the clock disappear.