Ubuntu – Xfce4-terminal Color Settings for ‘ls’ in NTFS Partition Mounted by fstab


I have Xubuntu 14.04, and I have an NTFS data partition that mounts at startup via fstab. How could I adjust the color settings for xfce4-terminal beyond the GUI options? For example how could I set up specifically the color or font-weight of directories or files for 'ls'? Most importantly for now, I would like to make my partition directories appear exactly as they do in my Xubuntu partition (or at least remove the highlighting). Screen shot posted here. Much thanks in advance.
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Best Answer

The default highlighting of ls usually marks folders writable by others with that green background. Therefore you can:

  1. Change the fmask, dmask or umask values of the mount point to deny write access to others (should be at least 0002).
  2. See What do the different colors mean in ls? to know what the colors mean and how to set them. For example:

    LS_COLORS="$LS_COLORS:ow="; export LS_COLORS

    This should make folders writable by others look the same as others. I wouldn't recommend this, of course.