Unit tbsp [US]
Full Name tablespoon
Category Volume
tbsp [US](tablespoon) to ac ft(acre-foot)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to ac in(acre-inch)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to aL(attolitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to am³(cubic attometre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to bbl(oil barrel)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to bu [Imperial](bushel)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to bu [US dry level](bushel)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to c [Imperial](cup)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to c [metric](cup)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to c [US food nutrition labeling](cup)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to c [US](cup)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to cL(centilitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to cm³(cubic centimetre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to daL(decalitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to dam³(cubic decametre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to dL(decilitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to dm³(cubic decimetre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to EL(exalitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to Em³(cubic exametre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to FBM(board foot)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to firlot [Imperial]tbsp [US](tablespoon) to firlot [US dry]tbsp [US](tablespoon) to fL(femtolitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to fl dr [US](fluid dram)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to fl oz [Imperial](fluid ounce)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to fl oz [US food nutrition labeling](fluid ounce)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to fl oz [US](fluid ounce)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to fm³(cubic femtometre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to ft³(cubic foot)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to gal [Imperial](gallon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to gal [US dry](gallon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to gal [US liquid](gallon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to gi [Imperial](gill)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to gi [US](gill)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to GL(gigalitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to Gm³(cubic gigametre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to ha m(hectare metre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to hL(hectolitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to hm³(cubic hectometre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to in³(cubic inch)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to jigger [US]tbsp [US](tablespoon) to kL(kilolitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to km³(cubic kilometre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to L(litre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to min [Imperial](minim)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to min [US](minim)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to mi³(cubic mile)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to ML(megalitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to mL(millilitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to Mm³(cubic megametre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to mm³(cubic millimetre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to m³(cubic metre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to nL(nanolitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to nm³(cubic nanometre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to peck [Imperial]tbsp [US](tablespoon) to peck [US dry]tbsp [US](tablespoon) to PL(petalitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to pL(picolitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to Pm³(cubic petametre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to pm³(cubic picometre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to pt [Imperial](pint)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to pt [US dry](pint)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to pt [US liquid](pint)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to qt [Imperial](quart)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to qt [US dry](quart)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to qt [US liquid](quart)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to tbsp [Australian](tablespoon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to tbsp [metric](tablespoon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to tbsp [US food nutrition labeling](tablespoon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to TL(teralitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to Tm³(cubic terametre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to tsp [metric](teaspoon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to tsp [US food nutrition labeling](teaspoon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to tsp [US](teaspoon)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to yd³(cubic yard)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to yL(yoctolitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to YL(yottalitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to ym³(cubic yoctometre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to Ym³(cubic yottametre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to zL(zeptolitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to ZL(zettalitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to zm³(cubic zeptometre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to Zm³(cubic zettametre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to µL(microlitre)tbsp [US](tablespoon) to µm³(cubic micrometre)