Unit Torr
Full Name torr
Category Pressure
Torr(torr) to abar(attobar)Torr(torr) to agf/am²(attogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to agf/cm²(attogram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to agf/dam²(attogram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to agf/dm²(attogram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to agf/Em²(attogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to agf/fm²(attogram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Gm²(attogram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to agf/hm²(attogram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to agf/km²(attogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Mm²(attogram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to agf/mm²(attogram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to agf/m²(attogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to agf/nm²(attogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Pm²(attogram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to agf/pm²(attogram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Tm²(attogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to agf/ym²(attogram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Ym²(attogram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to agf/zm²(attogram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to agf/Zm²(attogram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to agf/µm²(attogram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to amHg [conventional](attometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to amH₂O [4 °C](attometre of water)Torr(torr) to aN/am²(attonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to aN/cm²(attonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to aN/dam²(attonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to aN/dm²(attonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to aN/Em²(attonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to aN/fm²(attonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Gm²(attonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to aN/hm²(attonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to aN/km²(attonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Mm²(attonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to aN/mm²(attonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to aN/m²(attonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to aN/nm²(attonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Pm²(attonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to aN/pm²(attonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Tm²(attonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to aN/ym²(attonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Ym²(attonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to aN/zm²(attonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to aN/Zm²(attonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to aN/µm²(attonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to aPa(attopascal)Torr(torr) to at [technical](atmosphere)Torr(torr) to atm [standard](atmosphere)Torr(torr) to aTorr(attotorr)Torr(torr) to Ba(barye)Torr(torr) to bar(bar)Torr(torr) to cbar(centibar)Torr(torr) to cgf/am²(centigram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to cgf/dam²(centigram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to cgf/dm²(centigram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to cgf/Em²(centigram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to cgf/Gm²(centigram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to cgf/km²(centigram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to cgf/m²(centigram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to cgf/nm²(centigram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to cgf/Tm²(centigram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to cmHg [conventional](centimetre of mercury)Torr(torr) to cmH₂O [4 °C](centimetre of water)Torr(torr) to cN/am²(centinewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to cN/cm²(centinewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to cN/dam²(centinewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to cN/dm²(centinewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to cN/Em²(centinewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to cN/fm²(centinewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Gm²(centinewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to cN/hm²(centinewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to cN/km²(centinewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Mm²(centinewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to cN/mm²(centinewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to cN/m²(centinewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to cN/nm²(centinewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Pm²(centinewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to cN/pm²(centinewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Tm²(centinewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to cN/ym²(centinewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Ym²(centinewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to cN/zm²(centinewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to cN/Zm²(centinewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to cN/µm²(centinewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to cPa(centipascal)Torr(torr) to cTorr(centitorr)Torr(torr) to dabar(decabar)Torr(torr) to dagf/am²(decagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to dagf/Em²(decagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to dagf/hm²(decagram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to dagf/km²(decagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to dagf/m²(decagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to dagf/nm²(decagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to dagf/Tm²(decagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to damHg [conventional](decametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to damH₂O [4 °C](decametre of water)Torr(torr) to daN/am²(decanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to daN/cm²(decanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to daN/dam²(decanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to daN/dm²(decanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to daN/Em²(decanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to daN/fm²(decanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Gm²(decanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to daN/hm²(decanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to daN/km²(decanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Mm²(decanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to daN/mm²(decanewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to daN/m²(decanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to daN/nm²(decanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Pm²(decanewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to daN/pm²(decanewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Tm²(decanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to daN/ym²(decanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Ym²(decanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to daN/zm²(decanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to daN/Zm²(decanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to daN/µm²(decanewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to daPa(decapascal)Torr(torr) to daTorr(decatorr)Torr(torr) to dbar(decibar)Torr(torr) to dgf/am²(decigram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to dgf/Em²(decigram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to dgf/hm²(decigram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to dgf/km²(decigram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to dgf/m²(decigram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to dgf/nm²(decigram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to dgf/Tm²(decigram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to dmHg [conventional](decimetre of mercury)Torr(torr) to dmH₂O [4 °C](decimetre of water)Torr(torr) to dN/am²(decinewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to dN/cm²(decinewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to dN/dam²(decinewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to dN/dm²(decinewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to dN/Em²(decinewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to dN/fm²(decinewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Gm²(decinewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to dN/hm²(decinewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to dN/km²(decinewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Mm²(decinewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to dN/mm²(decinewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to dN/m²(decinewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to dN/nm²(decinewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Pm²(decinewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to dN/pm²(decinewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Tm²(decinewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to dN/ym²(decinewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Ym²(decinewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to dN/zm²(decinewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to dN/Zm²(decinewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to dN/µm²(decinewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to dPa(decipascal)Torr(torr) to dTorr(decitorr)Torr(torr) to Ebar(exabar)Torr(torr) to Egf/am²(exagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/cm²(exagram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to Egf/dam²(exagram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/dm²(exagram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Em²(exagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/fm²(exagram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Gm²(exagram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/hm²(exagram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/km²(exagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Mm²(exagram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/mm²(exagram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to Egf/m²(exagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Egf/nm²(exagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Pm²(exagram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/pm²(exagram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Tm²(exagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/ym²(exagram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Ym²(exagram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/zm²(exagram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to Egf/Zm²(exagram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to Egf/µm²(exagram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to EmHg [conventional](exametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to EmH₂O [4 °C](exametre of water)Torr(torr) to EN/am²(exanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to EN/cm²(exanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to EN/dam²(exanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to EN/dm²(exanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to EN/Em²(exanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to EN/fm²(exanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Gm²(exanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to EN/hm²(exanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to EN/km²(exanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Mm²(exanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to EN/mm²(exanewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to EN/m²(exanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to EN/nm²(exanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Pm²(exanewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to EN/pm²(exanewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Tm²(exanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to EN/ym²(exanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Ym²(exanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to EN/zm²(exanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to EN/Zm²(exanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to EN/µm²(exanewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to EPa(exapascal)Torr(torr) to ETorr(exatorr)Torr(torr) to fbar(femtobar)Torr(torr) to fgf/am²(femtogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to fgf/Em²(femtogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to fgf/km²(femtogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to fgf/m²(femtogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to fgf/nm²(femtogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to fgf/Tm²(femtogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to fmHg [conventional](femtometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to fmH₂O [4 °C](femtometre of water)Torr(torr) to fN/am²(femtonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to fN/cm²(femtonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to fN/dam²(femtonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to fN/dm²(femtonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to fN/Em²(femtonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to fN/fm²(femtonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Gm²(femtonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to fN/hm²(femtonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to fN/km²(femtonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Mm²(femtonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to fN/mm²(femtonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to fN/m²(femtonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to fN/nm²(femtonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Pm²(femtonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to fN/pm²(femtonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Tm²(femtonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to fN/ym²(femtonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Ym²(femtonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to fN/zm²(femtonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to fN/Zm²(femtonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to fN/µm²(femtonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to fPa(femtopascal)Torr(torr) to ftHg [conventional](foot of mercury)Torr(torr) to ftH₂O [4 °C](foot of water)Torr(torr) to fTorr(femtotorr)Torr(torr) to Gbar(gigabar)Torr(torr) to gf/am²(gram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to gf/cm²(gram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to gf/dam²(gram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to gf/dm²(gram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to gf/Em²(gram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to gf/fm²(gram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Gm²(gram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to gf/hm²(gram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to gf/km²(gram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Mm²(gram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to gf/mm²(gram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to gf/m²(gram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to gf/nm²(gram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Pm²(gram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to gf/pm²(gram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Tm²(gram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to gf/ym²(gram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Ym²(gram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to gf/zm²(gram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to gf/Zm²(gram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to gf/µm²(gram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/am²(gigagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/Em²(gigagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/hm²(gigagram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/km²(gigagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/m²(gigagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/nm²(gigagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to Ggf/Tm²(gigagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to GmHg [conventional](gigametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to GmH₂O [4 °C](gigametre of water)Torr(torr) to GN/am²(giganewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to GN/cm²(giganewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to GN/dam²(giganewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to GN/dm²(giganewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to GN/Em²(giganewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to GN/fm²(giganewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Gm²(giganewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to GN/hm²(giganewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to GN/km²(giganewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Mm²(giganewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to GN/mm²(giganewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to GN/m²(giganewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to GN/nm²(giganewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Pm²(giganewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to GN/pm²(giganewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Tm²(giganewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to GN/Ym²(giganewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to GN/ym²(giganewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to GN/zm²(giganewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to GN/Zm²(giganewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to GN/µm²(giganewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to GPa(gigapascal)Torr(torr) to GTorr(gigatorr)Torr(torr) to hbar(hectobar)Torr(torr) to hgf/am²(hectogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to hgf/Em²(hectogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to hgf/km²(hectogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to hgf/m²(hectogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to hgf/nm²(hectogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to hgf/Tm²(hectogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to hmHg [conventional](hectometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to hmH₂O [4 °C](hectometre of water)Torr(torr) to hN/am²(hectonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to hN/cm²(hectonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to hN/dam²(hectonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to hN/dm²(hectonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to hN/Em²(hectonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to hN/fm²(hectonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Gm²(hectonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to hN/hm²(hectonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to hN/km²(hectonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Mm²(hectonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to hN/mm²(hectonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to hN/m²(hectonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to hN/nm²(hectonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Pm²(hectonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to hN/pm²(hectonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Tm²(hectonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to hN/ym²(hectonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Ym²(hectonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to hN/zm²(hectonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to hN/Zm²(hectonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to hN/µm²(hectonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to hPa(hectopascal)Torr(torr) to hTorr(hectotorr)Torr(torr) to inHg [conventional](inch of mercury)Torr(torr) to inH₂O [4 °C](inch of water)Torr(torr) to kbar(kilobar)Torr(torr) to kgf/am²(kilogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/cm²(kilogram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to kgf/dam²(kilogram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/dm²(kilogram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Em²(kilogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/fm²(kilogram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Gm²(kilogram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/ha(kilogram-force per hectare)Torr(torr) to kgf/hm²(kilogram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/km²(kilogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Mm²(kilogram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/mm²(kilogram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to kgf/m²(kilogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to kgf/nm²(kilogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Pm²(kilogram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/pm²(kilogram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Tm²(kilogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/ym²(kilogram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Ym²(kilogram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/zm²(kilogram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to kgf/Zm²(kilogram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to kgf/µm²(kilogram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to kmHg [conventional](kilometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to kmH₂O [4 °C](kilometre of water)Torr(torr) to kN/am²(kilonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to kN/cm²(kilonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to kN/dam²(kilonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to kN/dm²(kilonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to kN/Em²(kilonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to kN/fm²(kilonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Gm²(kilonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to kN/hm²(kilonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to kN/km²(kilonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Mm²(kilonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to kN/mm²(kilonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to kN/m²(kilonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to kN/nm²(kilonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Pm²(kilonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to kN/pm²(kilonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Tm²(kilonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to kN/ym²(kilonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Ym²(kilonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to kN/zm²(kilonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to kN/Zm²(kilonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to kN/µm²(kilonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to kPa(kilopascal)Torr(torr) to ksi(kip per square inch)Torr(torr) to kTorr(kilotorr)Torr(torr) to lbf/ac(pound-force per acre)Torr(torr) to lbf/ft²(pound-force per square foot)Torr(torr) to lbf/yd²(pound-force per square yard)Torr(torr) to Mbar(megabar)Torr(torr) to mbar(millibar)Torr(torr) to Mgf/am²(megagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to mgf/am²(milligram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/Em²(megagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to mgf/Em²(milligram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/km²(megagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to mgf/km²(milligram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/m²(megagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to mgf/m²(milligram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/nm²(megagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to mgf/nm²(milligram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to mgf/Tm²(milligram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Mgf/Tm²(megagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to mHg [conventional](metre of mercury)Torr(torr) to mH₂O [4 °C](metre of water)Torr(torr) to MmHg [conventional](megametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to mmHg [conventional](millimetre of mercury)Torr(torr) to MmH₂O [4 °C](megametre of water)Torr(torr) to mmH₂O [4 °C](millimetre of water)Torr(torr) to MN/am²(meganewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to mN/am²(millinewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to MN/cm²(meganewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to mN/cm²(millinewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to MN/dam²(meganewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to mN/dam²(millinewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to MN/dm²(meganewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to mN/dm²(millinewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to MN/Em²(meganewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to mN/Em²(millinewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to MN/fm²(meganewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to mN/fm²(millinewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to mN/Gm²(millinewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to MN/Gm²(meganewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to MN/hm²(meganewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to mN/hm²(millinewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to MN/km²(meganewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to mN/km²(millinewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Mm²(meganewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to MN/mm²(meganewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to MN/m²(meganewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to mN/m²(millinewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to MN/nm²(meganewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to mN/nm²(millinewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Pm²(meganewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to MN/pm²(meganewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Tm²(meganewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to mN/Tm²(millinewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to mN/ym²(millinewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to mN/Ym²(millinewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to MN/ym²(meganewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Ym²(meganewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to mN/zm²(millinewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to mN/Zm²(millinewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to MN/zm²(meganewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to MN/Zm²(meganewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to MN/µm²(meganewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to MPa(megapascal)Torr(torr) to mPa(millipascal)Torr(torr) to MTorr(megatorr)Torr(torr) to mTorr(millitorr)Torr(torr) to N/am²(newton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to N/cm²(newton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to N/dam²(newton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to N/dm²(newton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to N/Em²(newton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to N/fm²(newton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to N/Gm²(newton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to N/hm²(newton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to N/km²(newton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to N/Mm²(newton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to N/mm²(newton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to N/m²(newton per square metre)Torr(torr) to N/nm²(newton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to N/Pm²(newton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to N/pm²(newton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to N/Tm²(newton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to N/ym²(newton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to N/Ym²(newton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to N/zm²(newton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to N/Zm²(newton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to N/µm²(newton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to nbar(nanobar)Torr(torr) to ngf/am²(nanogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/cm²(nanogram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to ngf/dam²(nanogram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/dm²(nanogram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Em²(nanogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/fm²(nanogram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Gm²(nanogram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/hm²(nanogram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/km²(nanogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Mm²(nanogram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/mm²(nanogram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to ngf/m²(nanogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to ngf/nm²(nanogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Pm²(nanogram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/pm²(nanogram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/Tm²(nanogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to ngf/ym²(nanogram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to ngf/µm²(nanogram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to nmHg [conventional](nanometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to nmH₂O [4 °C](nanometre of water)Torr(torr) to nN/am²(nanonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to nN/cm²(nanonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to nN/dam²(nanonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to nN/dm²(nanonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to nN/Em²(nanonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to nN/fm²(nanonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Gm²(nanonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to nN/hm²(nanonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to nN/km²(nanonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Mm²(nanonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to nN/mm²(nanonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to nN/m²(nanonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to nN/nm²(nanonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Pm²(nanonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to nN/pm²(nanonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Tm²(nanonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to nN/ym²(nanonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Ym²(nanonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to nN/zm²(nanonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to nN/Zm²(nanonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to nN/µm²(nanonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to nPa(nanopascal)Torr(torr) to nTorr(nanotorr)Torr(torr) to ozf/ft²(ounce-force per square foot)Torr(torr) to ozf/in²(ounce-force per square inch)Torr(torr) to ozf/yd²(ounce-force per square yard)Torr(torr) to Pa(pascal)Torr(torr) to Pbar(petabar)Torr(torr) to pbar(picobar)Torr(torr) to pdl/ft²(poundal per square foot)Torr(torr) to pdl/in²(poundal per square inch)Torr(torr) to Pgf/am²(petagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to pgf/am²(picogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/Em²(petagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to pgf/Em²(picogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/km²(petagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to pgf/km²(picogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/m²(petagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to pgf/m²(picogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/nm²(petagram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to pgf/nm²(picogram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to Pgf/Tm²(petagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to pgf/Tm²(picogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to PmHg [conventional](petametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to pmHg [conventional](picometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to PmH₂O [4 °C](petametre of water)Torr(torr) to pmH₂O [4 °C](picometre of water)Torr(torr) to PN/am²(petanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to pN/am²(piconewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to PN/cm²(petanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to pN/cm²(piconewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to PN/dam²(petanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to pN/dam²(piconewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to PN/dm²(petanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to pN/dm²(piconewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to PN/Em²(petanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to pN/Em²(piconewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to PN/fm²(petanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to pN/fm²(piconewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Gm²(petanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to pN/Gm²(piconewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to PN/hm²(petanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to pN/hm²(piconewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to PN/km²(petanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to pN/km²(piconewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Mm²(petanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to pN/Mm²(piconewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to PN/m²(petanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to pN/m²(piconewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to PN/nm²(petanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to pN/nm²(piconewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Tm²(petanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to pN/Tm²(piconewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to PN/ym²(petanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Ym²(petanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to pN/ym²(piconewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to pN/Ym²(piconewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to PN/zm²(petanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to PN/Zm²(petanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to pN/zm²(piconewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to pN/Zm²(piconewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to PPa(petapascal)Torr(torr) to pPa(picopascal)Torr(torr) to psi or lbf/in²(pound-force per square inch)Torr(torr) to PTorr(petatorr)Torr(torr) to pTorr(picotorr)Torr(torr) to Tbar(terabar)Torr(torr) to Tgf/am²(teragram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/cm²(teragram-force per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/dam²(teragram-force per square decametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/dm²(teragram-force per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Em²(teragram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/fm²(teragram-force per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Gm²(teragram-force per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/hm²(teragram-force per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/km²(teragram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/mm²(teragram-force per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Mm²(teragram-force per square megametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/m²(teragram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/nm²(teragram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Pm²(teragram-force per square petametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/pm²(teragram-force per square picometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Tm²(teragram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/ym²(teragram-force per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Ym²(teragram-force per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/zm²(teragram-force per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/Zm²(teragram-force per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to Tgf/µm²(teragram-force per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to TmHg [conventional](terametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to TmH₂O [4 °C](terametre of water)Torr(torr) to TN/am²(teranewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to TN/cm²(teranewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to TN/dam²(teranewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to TN/dm²(teranewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to TN/Em²(teranewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to TN/fm²(teranewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Gm²(teranewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to TN/hm²(teranewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to TN/km²(teranewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Mm²(teranewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to TN/mm²(teranewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to TN/m²(teranewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to TN/nm²(teranewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Pm²(teranewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to TN/pm²(teranewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Tm²(teranewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to TN/ym²(teranewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Ym²(teranewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to TN/zm²(teranewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to TN/Zm²(teranewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to TN/µm²(teranewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to TPa(terapascal)Torr(torr) to TTorr(teratorr)Torr(torr) to ybar(yoctobar)Torr(torr) to Ybar(yottabar)Torr(torr) to ygf/am²(yoctogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/am²(yottagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to ygf/Em²(yoctogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/Em²(yottagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to ygf/km²(yoctogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/km²(yottagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to ygf/m²(yoctogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/m²(yottagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to ygf/Tm²(yoctogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Ygf/Tm²(yottagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to ymHg [conventional](yoctometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to YmHg [conventional](yottametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to ymH₂O [4 °C](yoctometre of water)Torr(torr) to YmH₂O [4 °C](yottametre of water)Torr(torr) to yN/am²(yoctonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to YN/am²(yottanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to yN/cm²(yoctonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to YN/cm²(yottanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to yN/dam²(yoctonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to YN/dam²(yottanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to yN/dm²(yoctonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to YN/dm²(yottanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to yN/Em²(yoctonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to YN/Em²(yottanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to yN/fm²(yoctonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to YN/fm²(yottanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Gm²(yoctonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to YN/Gm²(yottanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to yN/hm²(yoctonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to YN/hm²(yottanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to yN/km²(yoctonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to YN/km²(yottanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Mm²(yoctonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to YN/Mm²(yottanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to yN/mm²(yoctonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to YN/mm²(yottanewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to yN/m²(yoctonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to YN/m²(yottanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to yN/nm²(yoctonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to YN/nm²(yottanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Pm²(yoctonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to yN/pm²(yoctonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to YN/Pm²(yottanewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to YN/pm²(yottanewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Tm²(yoctonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to YN/Tm²(yottanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to yN/ym²(yoctonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Ym²(yoctonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to YN/ym²(yottanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to YN/Ym²(yottanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to yN/zm²(yoctonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to yN/Zm²(yoctonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to YN/zm²(yottanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to YN/Zm²(yottanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to yN/µm²(yoctonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to YN/µm²(yottanewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to yPa(yoctopascal)Torr(torr) to YPa(yottapascal)Torr(torr) to yTorr(yoctotorr)Torr(torr) to YTorr(yottatorr)Torr(torr) to zbar(zeptobar)Torr(torr) to Zbar(zettabar)Torr(torr) to zgf/am²(zeptogram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/am²(zettagram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to zgf/Em²(zeptogram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/Em²(zettagram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to zgf/km²(zeptogram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/km²(zettagram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to zgf/m²(zeptogram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/m²(zettagram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to zgf/Tm²(zeptogram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to Zgf/Tm²(zettagram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to zmHg [conventional](zeptometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to ZmHg [conventional](zettametre of mercury)Torr(torr) to zmH₂O [4 °C](zeptometre of water)Torr(torr) to ZmH₂O [4 °C](zettametre of water)Torr(torr) to zN/am²(zeptonewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/am²(zettanewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to zN/cm²(zeptonewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to ZN/cm²(zettanewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to zN/dam²(zeptonewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/dam²(zettanewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to zN/dm²(zeptonewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to ZN/dm²(zettanewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to zN/Em²(zeptonewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Em²(zettanewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to zN/fm²(zeptonewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/fm²(zettanewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Gm²(zeptonewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Gm²(zettanewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to zN/hm²(zeptonewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/hm²(zettanewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to zN/km²(zeptonewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/km²(zettanewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Mm²(zeptonewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Mm²(zettanewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to zN/mm²(zeptonewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to ZN/mm²(zettanewton per square millimetre)Torr(torr) to zN/m²(zeptonewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to ZN/m²(zettanewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to zN/nm²(zeptonewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/nm²(zettanewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Pm²(zeptonewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to zN/pm²(zeptonewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Pm²(zettanewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/pm²(zettanewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Tm²(zeptonewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Tm²(zettanewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to zN/ym²(zeptonewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Ym²(zeptonewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/ym²(zettanewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Ym²(zettanewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to zN/zm²(zeptonewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to zN/Zm²(zeptonewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to ZN/zm²(zettanewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/Zm²(zettanewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to zN/µm²(zeptonewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to ZN/µm²(zettanewton per square micrometre)Torr(torr) to zPa(zeptopascal)Torr(torr) to ZPa(zettapascal)Torr(torr) to zTorr(zeptotorr)Torr(torr) to ZTorr(zettatorr)Torr(torr) to µbar(microbar)Torr(torr) to µgf/am²(microgram-force per square attometre)Torr(torr) to µgf/Em²(microgram-force per square exametre)Torr(torr) to µgf/km²(microgram-force per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to µgf/m²(microgram-force per square metre)Torr(torr) to µgf/nm²(microgram-force per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to µgf/Tm²(microgram-force per square terametre)Torr(torr) to µmHg [conventional](micrometre of mercury)Torr(torr) to µmH₂O [4 °C](micrometre of water)Torr(torr) to µN/am²(micronewton per square attometre)Torr(torr) to µN/cm²(micronewton per square centimetre)Torr(torr) to µN/dam²(micronewton per square decametre)Torr(torr) to µN/dm²(micronewton per square decimetre)Torr(torr) to µN/Em²(micronewton per square exametre)Torr(torr) to µN/fm²(micronewton per square femtometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Gm²(micronewton per square gigametre)Torr(torr) to µN/hm²(micronewton per square hectometre)Torr(torr) to µN/km²(micronewton per square kilometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Mm²(micronewton per square megametre)Torr(torr) to µN/m²(micronewton per square metre)Torr(torr) to µN/nm²(micronewton per square nanometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Pm²(micronewton per square petametre)Torr(torr) to µN/pm²(micronewton per square picometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Tm²(micronewton per square terametre)Torr(torr) to µN/ym²(micronewton per square yoctometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Ym²(micronewton per square yottametre)Torr(torr) to µN/zm²(micronewton per square zeptometre)Torr(torr) to µN/Zm²(micronewton per square zettametre)Torr(torr) to µPa(micropascal)Torr(torr) to µTorr(microtorr)