Twitter – How to set URL or domain as Twitter’s username


I have a quite similar question to this one, only this time concerning Twitter and user name, not URL.

Situation is nearly exactly the same. I have created my first Twitter account in the beginning of March and I have absolutely no problems in giving my account name containing an URL (my company's name includes it, so it seems natural to me).

Today I wanted to create another account, for the same company, but different langage and failed on Account update failed: Name must not contain URLs error message. What am I missing? Was there any change in Twitter policy or regulations around this corner?

Update: It seems, that Twitter complies only on certain domains. For example, you account name can contain .pl, but can't contain .com. You also can't register a new Twitter account with .com domain in its name, but Twitter currently has some bugs around this, which cause to throw an incorrect error messages to user, who is attempting to register such account.

Best Answer

Certain domain names (like .com) or URLs are prohibited and can't be used as usernames for Twitter accounts. However, you can try to "fool" Twitter and use the unicode character One Dot Leader U+2024, that looks like a dot.



Many editors (like Notepad++) do not recognize this symbol (produces an empty box instead), but it can be copied to the clipboard (tested on Windows 7) and pasted to the Edit profile input box in Twitter.