STM32G030 spare option bytes      

The STM32G030 microcontroller does have spare option bytes, but there seems to be some confusion about their availability and usage. Here’s what I can share:

Number of Spare Option Bytes:

  • Contrary to some claims, the STM32G030 doeshave spare option bytes available for user customization. While older G0 series like G070/G0B1 have 128 bytes, the G030 has 96 bytes located at addresses 0x1FFF7800 – 0x1FFF785F.


  • These spare bytes can be used for various purposes like:
    • Storing application-specific data
    • Customizing boot behavior
    • Implementing security features


  • It’s important to note that writing to these bytes is a permanent operationand cannot be undone easily.
  • Some specific functionality reserved for option bytes in other microcontrollers like Read Out Protection (ROP) might not be available in the spare bytes of the G030.


Further Assistance:

To provide more specific help with your STM32G030 spare option bytes, I’d need more context about your application and intended use. Please share details like:

  • What functionality are you aiming to achieve with the spare bytes?
  • Are you encountering any specific challenges or uncertainties?
  • Have you found any relevant code examples or application notes?

By understanding your needs, I can guide you toward the best resources and practices for effectively utilizing the spare option bytes in your STM32G030 project.

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